The range of doors of "LAMINATO" line is complete, in fact, beside building normal single doors, IPA produces double doors, triple doors, sliding doors (running inside and outside the wall), coverings for armoured doors, folding doors and arcs passing.

IPA produces standard items, but if necessary can be built according to the specific needs of the client and, in these cases, it is possible to create a production on demand based on the drawings. Due to its high flexibility of production, IPA can perform any type of work, and when this is not feasible, the staff is always available and ready to find the best solution for each customer's request.

technical data sheet

• The door panel is made of veneered-rolled strips.
• "Sandwich" frame is plated and made of MDF fir wood strips.
• The finishing lists are in rolled-plated MDF and they are provided with a telescopic joint. It is not necessary to use nails or screws to fix them.
• Hardware is available in different finishing touches:
- LAMINATO BASIC : hinges are "anuba" type with patent-lock
- LAMINATO PLUS: foldaway patent hinges with magnetic lock and adjustable anti-torsion bumper. Reversible doors.
• Available colours are:
- LAMINATO BASIC: white, cherry-red, national walnut and tanganika
- LAMINATO PLUS: marbella, tobacco, rice, earth, pearl, ecru and diamond.

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