Solid wood doors. Classical style.

The range of doors of the EXTRA series, is complete, In fact, beside building normal single doors, IPA produces double doors, triple doors, sliding doors (running inside and outside the wall), coverings for armoured doors, folding doors and arcs passing.

IPA produces standard items but if necessary can be built according to the specific needs of the client and, in these cases, it is possible to create a production on demand based on the drawings. Due to its high flexibility of production, IPA can perform any type of work and, when this is not feasible, the staff is always available and ready to find the best solution for each customer's request.

technical data sheet

• They are built using toulipier wood (American wood), bay oak, chestnut and American cherry tree.
• The door wings can be two-lamellar (toulipier wood and cherry tree), three-lamellar (bay oak and chestnut) or contrasted-lamellar (bay oak and chestnut).
• This procedure allows to obtain a balance of the material.
• The panelings are obtained from the same material used for the panel wings. They are made of staved solid wood (staves not bigger than 8 cm.) and they are bevelled.
• The frame is made of solid wood of the same material used for the door panel and it is framed by a 5 x 5 cm. jamb and by a prolongation to reach the thickness of the wall.
• The finishing lists are made of solid wood of the same material used for the panel wing and they are provided with a telescopic joint. They don't need any nails or screws to be fixed.
• The panels or glasses stop are made of solid wood "RESULT TYPE"(from one side the glass stop is obtained from the panel wing and by the other side it need to be nailed).
• The hardware is available in different finishing touches with 14 mm. "anuba" hinges.
• The painting is performed with all the elements disassembled in order to avoid any possible colour differences among the components because of the wood settling. It is used water dye with polyurethane filler and finishing touch.
• Doors are available in many different colours: walnut, light walnut, glazed walnut, cherry-red, magnolia and lacquered.
• The doors belonging to the EXTRA series, have a Quality Certification issued by the National Institute of Wood Technologies.

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